Holiday Problems? Technologies in Robotics and Automation Can Be Useful!

Cry out loud for everyone to hear? The holidays may be a difficult time for many people. The good news is that you may alleviate your problems by using the most recent robotic and automation technology to put presents beneath the tree and put cookies on the table.

Christmas is celebrated by more than two billion people worldwide. Christmas was initially a Christian festival, but it is today enjoyed by people of all religions throughout.

Although the holiday season is frequently thought of as a day of celebrations, for many it has become more of a stressful time for decorating and gift-giving. To assist you see how robotic and automation technology might help relieve your Christmas difficulties, we have chosen to compile this helpful guide.

Decorating a Christmas tree using UR3s

It might be difficult to put up and decorate a Christmas tree! However, with the assistance of two cobots from Universal Robots, your tree will be set up and decorated in no time. We were motivated by this Axis New York video of two UR3s from Universal Robots adorning a Christmas tree:

The UR3e is adaptable and may be used for a wide range of tasks, including as assembling, welding, and machine tending. The UR3e, a "table-top" robot with a 3 kg payload and 360 degrees of rotation, is compact and lightweight.

What's best? It is simple to programme the UR3e. The UR3e's arm may be moved to desired destinations by users with little training.

Present-wrapping with YuMi

Are you pressed for time or simply plain bad at wrapping gifts? You may avoid the uncomfortable gift-wrapping procedure by using ABB's YuMi dual-arm cobot (which was motivated by the video below from Andreas Stolt).

Applications for the ground-breaking two-arm collaborative robot are ones that single-arm robots would find challenging. This covers a few operations in lab automation, inspection, and the assembly of tiny components. The YuMi dual-arm cobot, which has fourteen degrees of flexibility in comparison to its single-arm cousin, can wrap presents like a pro thanks to its fourteen degrees of freedom.

PLC-Controlled Christmas Lights!

You can create the most impressive Christmas light displays using a programmable logic controller (PLC), which is guaranteed to impress any visitor. You can outdo your neighbours this Christmas by using your PLC programming talents, as demonstrated in the Automation Groups video "PLC Controlled Christmas Lights."

Even while we don't yet have a guide on how to programme a PLC for Christmas lights, we do invite you to go at some of our other PLC programming guidelines, which you'll probably find helpful at any time of the year!

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