Whatsapp's new Disappearing Messages feature, your message will disappear in 7 days, this way you can turn on your mobile

Whatsapp Disappearing Messages Feature, How To Enable in Your Mobile ?
Whatsapp Messages Feature feature, How to Enable Your Mobile Phone: Whatsapp has introduced a new feature for Disappearing Messages. In this case, your message will disappear within seven days. In fact, the loss of messages is nothing new. Apps like Telegram, Signal, Wire and Snapchat have already offered such an option.

However, the feature offered by WhatsApp is slightly different. In this case, the user can set a time limit for any specific message. After that you will automatically disappear from the conversation.

In fact, WhatsApp has set a time limit of seven days. After that the chat message sent by you will automatically disappear. However, this feature does not offer features like other applications such as Telegram, Signal and Wire. These programs have the option of disappearing the message after a few seconds, hours or days.

The 'Disappearing Messages' feature has been released since Thursday. Available at the end of the month on KaiOS for Android, iOS and Linux as well as WhatsApp Web and Desktop platforms.

Let us tell you that to enjoy this feature, you have to enable and disable it on different devices. This should be enabled in individual or group discussions. As soon as the feature is enabled, the user-selected chat message will automatically disappear after 7 days. However, until the message is unlocked, a preview of the message being delivered will appear. In this case, the return message made in the downtime will also remain in the conversation for seven days.

However, if the recipient wants to take a screenshot of this message within 7 days, it can be copied and saved.


How to Disappear Message from your mobile phone ?

Easy to unlock feature. You can turn it on or off in person-to-person conversation. For this, you should follow these steps. Let us know in more detail.

  • First, users have to click on the name of the contact you want to use this feature. 
  • By clicking on the name you will find the Disappear Messages option where you will have to click.
  • By clicking, you will receive a resume information. You have to click again.
  • You can now click or turn this feature off to delete the contact's chat message.